Friday, September 19, 2008

OMA à La Défence

Draw a line on a map of Paris, from the Pyramid by I.M. Pei, and "Le Petit Arc du Carrousel" (in the gardens near the Louvre, Les Tuilleries) through the "Arc de Triomphe" to "La Grande Arche" by Von Spreckelsen and Andreu, in the northwest of Paris and you've got the "Grand Axe". The neighborhood at the end of the line, La Défense has mostly office buildings.

Rem Koolhaas presented a design proposal to revamp La Défense somewhere in Venice during the Biennial (see comment Piet Vollaard below)

Through November 23rd you can visit the Dutch submission to the 11th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennual, organized by the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi).


Anonymous said...

The name of the architect of the Dutch pavilion in Venice is not Jo Coenen, but G.Th. (Gerrit) Rietveld. It was opened in 1954, a few years after Coenens birth.

Neither was there any trace of a OMA design in the Dutch pavilion exhibition of this year. Koolhaas was programmed to be part of a talkshow, not to present any project, but as usual he didn't show up. (I know, I was one of the curators).

Instead Koolhaas presented his proposal for La Defense in the Querini Stampalia building and for SaintÉlia in the Italian pavilion in the Arsenale.
So the only correct facts are that there were two presentations of OMA somewhere in Venice during the Bienale.

I wonder where you found these other 'facts'.
See OMA website (News) for the correct events.

Judith van Praag said...

We stand corrected. Thank you so much for responding to a major "Oops"!

Congratulations Piet!
You are the winner of this week's fact checker prize.
We're glad someone out there is paying attention.

Kindly enter your snail mail address in another comment, and you will receive a post card delivered by your very own mail person.

Be on the look-out for more mistakes, it's so much fun to be found out!