Thursday, June 03, 2004

A Different View

Take the red steps up from the N.E. corner of the Norcliff Foundation Living Room (level #3) to the Meeting Room Level. Turn left at the top of the stairs. You'll see the glass wall, which permits view of Living Room and Glass and Steel Curtain Wall. Each time I make that turn, I'm reminded of late 1960's fabric design.

From the Meeting Room level you can see the Lensveld bookcases (with Plexiglas® sides and tops, Rem's touch to the Dutch manufactured shelves) fanned out across the botanical carpet designs by Petra Blaise on the Living Room floor.
"Different leaves from the designer's notebook." I will tell people who take my tours.

Blogspot Template

A chartreuse line, a shimmering of light. This prefab template is most suitable. A reference to the color of movement in the Seattle Central Public Library. I'll be wearing a touch of chartreuse during my tours. Telling our patrons, "If I move, you move too."