Wednesday, November 02, 2005

AMO in Russia

OMA's think tank AMO has been invited to take a close look at the exhibition policy of The Hermitage in Saint-Petersburg. Objective: How can the museum with one of the largest art collections in the world improve exhibition possibilities. Much of the treasures are in stock, never shown. Branches in London and Amsterdam have been opened recently, but the question is, how to use the existing building in a better manner. Rem Koolhaas and Michail Piotrovsky, the director of the Hermitage signed an agreement for this assignment.

The involved parties hope to find funding for this multi-million Euro research project in both Russia and the Netherlands.

"Hermitage" comes from the French "L'Ermitage", the place where the hermit lives.
The time of exposure to the world has arrived!


Anonymous said...

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Sure Katbo, tag us! Inspired by your remark I added info about the Krentz Award today. Thanks, Judith.