Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Rem Koolhaas together with associates Kunle Adeyemi and Chris van Duijn, and design architect Alexander Reichert sign for the architectural project: the Prada - Transformer.

To read in a press release that the Prada pavilion, "the building", its four sides a combination of: hexagon, cross, rectangle and circle, will be moved in position for different events by a crane, boggles the mind. However, the concept becomes totally clear, acceptable and brilliant when you take in Koolhaas's online design presentation.

From the Prada Press Desk:
The website is the result of a collaboration between Prada, AMO (the mirror image think tank of OMA) and 2x4, a multidisciplinary design studio from NY focusing on art, architecture, and fashion, world wide.

The concept of the site is strongly linked to the architectural project. Equal to the built pavilion, which transforms to accommodate different events, the website regenerates its graphics and contents according to the changes in use of the actual structure along time. The main navigation system is a timeline which allows users to intuitively scroll back and forward revealing the calendar of the pavilion and the related content.

For further information:
Prada Press Office

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