Sunday, July 31, 2005

Washington State Quarter Design

When Governor Gregoire invited the citizens to submit a design for the new State Quarter in 100 words, I did my part.

The government counts in a different way than the People. The first time I entered my 100 words, I got the message: under 100 words please. I tried three times, editing, editing, editing. Finally bingo. 69 words according to my computer. Does make you think about other cuts, doesn't it?

This is what I entered (quoted words are for text on quarter):

"Washington 1889"
Outline state. Border Canada = mountain range horizon, Mount St. Helens
Smith Tower, landmark past, evergreen trees.
Airplane. Flying salmon. Computer chips.
SCPL (Seattle Central Public Library), landmark present and future in foreground.
"Washington Evergreen State".

Justification: Diamond shaped steel and glass grid lends itself well for graphic design. Building's inside/ outside effect honors surrounding city scape, and views of Evergreen State. Library harbors tools of wisdom and IS teaching took in itself.

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